Bridges Your Community Bank is now First for Money –  Your Credit Union

Bridges Your Community Bank has undertaken a rebrand to become First for Money – Your Credit Union to reflect our strong community values and ethical, transparent nature.

The decision to rebrand our organisation was driven by the results of a series of focus groups this year, attended by both members and non-members of Bridges Your Community Bank. Feedback from these focus groups suggested a new brand was needed to more effectively convey our core values of being ethical, community focused and transparent.

We also decided to give our website an overhaul to reflect the new brand and demonstrate the full range of services that we offer to our members. The website now offers more in terms of functionality – including a loan calculator with a slider to help customers determine the value of a loan from First for Money.

The new brand encapsulates First for Money’s dedication to providing an ethical way to managing savings and loans for both businesses and individuals. Unlike high street banks, First for Money is a credit union – run by members for the benefit of members. We are a not-for-profit organisation and anyone who lives and works in Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Northumberland is eligible to join. The brand is bright, vibrant and colourful. In addition, the photography used across the website is focused on people – emphasising our approachable and friendly nature.

Dave Fleetwood, chair of First for Money, commented: “We are really thrilled with the rebrand of Bridges Your Community Bank to First for Money – Your Credit Union. The new brand highlights our commitment to improving financial stability in our region through positive financial management.”

We still offer the range of services we offered as Bridges – including our employee payroll scheme, loans at attractive and affordable rates, savings accounts and offers for white goods and furniture.

As a credit union, we are fully covered by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  



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